Monday, November 24, 2008

Just in time for Thanksgiving, from iGourmet

4 Thanksgiving Cheeses (with Knife and Crackers) link
This festive Thanksgiving assortment offers four irresistible selections from around the world. Accompanied by Mini Toasts and our Signature Cheese Serving Knife, this collection is a complete entertaining solution for the upcoming holiday. From its rich and smooth Gouda to its buttery blue, this assortment has a favorite for everyone. Available for a limited time at just $21.99 (save $18). It includes:

* Pepato: This pecorino from Sicily is studded with whole black peppercorns. We absolutely love it paired with flavorful Italian cured meats. (8 oz.)
* Regina Blu: One of our creamiest blues, this premium example hails from Bavaria. Its extravagant richness helps it stand up to a buttery Chardonnay or juicy slice of turkey. (8 oz.)
* Allgau Emmental: Also known as Bavarian Swiss, it is arguably the most famous cheese from Germany. Made from pure Alpine milk, we can't think of a better accompaniment for Friday's turkey leftovers. (8 oz.)
* Beemster Vlaskaas: Its name means "Flax Cheese," owing not to an ingredient but to the plant that dominates the local countryside. Similar to Gouda but creamier and deeper yellow in color, Vlaskaas' purple rind distinguishes it from all other cheeses. (8 oz.)
* Signature Cheese Serving Knife: This knife's high-strength stainless steel alloy blade has a pronged tip to assist with easy serving, and is cross-drilled to prevent the softer cheeses from sticking to the knife.
* Mini Toasts: The perfect accompaniment for cheeses, pates, and spreads. (2.75 oz)

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