Friday, November 14, 2008

New kitchen gadgets to play around

Chef's Quad-Timer
The Chef's Quad-Timer is designed for the serious home chef, the avid entertainer and the modern multi-taker. Designed to compliment today's upscale home kitchens, this unique product features eye-catching form and progressive functionality. Whether preparing a supper for family or a seven course meal for close friends, the timer features an intuitive cooktop metaphor. The four colored lamps on the face of the time visually connect what's being timed with what's on the stove. Running timers illuminates in green and flash red when expired. To use, simply twist the silver inner dial to select any timer and rotate the dimpled collar to input the timer duration and press "start". With our timer, multi-tasking in the kitchen has never been so painless. Two AAA batteries included. link

Pepper Pro Automatic Peppermill with Light
Have your pepper like you've never had it before with this Pepper Pro Automatic Peppermill with Light. Simply put, you can now grind pepper electronically with a touch of a button, and watch as the quiet motor does its work. It is also fully adjustable from fine to coarse grind to get what you want. Also features a high intensity light. Includes spare light bulb and peppercorns. Uses 4 AA batteries (not included). link

Pourfect® 14-Piece Measuring Tool Set
Let our convenient Pourfect® 14-Piece Measuring Tool Set help you level your ingredients for exact measurements for every recipe! Ever wonder what a smidgen, pinch, and dash were? Now you know! The set includes 1 six-cup bowl, 1 eight-cup bowl, 8 piece spoon/scraper set, 3 piece spoon set, and a 1 two-cup beaker. The innovative bowls let you add dry or liquid ingredients with the mixer running without the fear of overspill. The bowls and the beaker are microwavable. Six-cup bowl measures 11" x 7" x 5.25"; Eight-cup bowl measures 12.25" x 8.25" x 5.25". link

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