Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Uses pre-measured T-Cup Pods
Drink types include: coffee - tea - espresso - hot chocolate - cappuccinos - lattes
Up to 11 ounce servings

Tassimo calls it the art of making coffee. But it's more than art. It's science. You can make many hot beverages over and over to perfection. This unique Tassimo machine produces one 11-oz. cup of delicious hot beverage at a time, brewing right into your mug. The entire process takes about a minute, and there is no wait time before brewing your next beverage. The large, removable water reservoir holds 68 ounces so there is no need to refill after every cup, and it includes a removable water filter for the freshest taste every time.
Technology is the key and it comes in the form of a T-Cup. The T-Cup is a factory pre-measured pod that is used to produce a cup of your favorite hot beverage. The result is delicious. Sure there are coffeemakers of all types. For sheer simplicity and exceptional results, the Tassimo TA1400 is built to satisfy on many levels.

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