Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Up to 50% off Sale on CyberCucina kitchen gift ideas!

Great Gift Ideas:

Coffee Traveler Collection by Coffee Masters
The Coffee Traveler Collection by Coffee Masters is for the coffee aficionado on-the-go, who appreciates fine coffee during their morning commute, at the office, on the train and everywhere else.

Ashbys Wooden Tea Chest With Ashbys Decaffeinated and Herbal Tea Bags
This beautiful cherry stained tea chest makes an elegant tableside presentation of Ashby's teas. Eight compartments each hold a maximum of 10 assorted Ashbys decaffeintated and herbal tea bags either laid flat or standing upright.

Fuego Premium 4 Piece BBQ Set
The Fuego Premium Four Piece BBQ Set by Picnic Time is the perfect gift for the grill master on your list.

Tea Spoon Line Twelve Delightfully Flavored Spoons For Your Cup Of Tea
The Tea Spoon Line Twelve Delightfully Flavored Spoons For Your Cup Of Tea includes spoons coated with sugar and flavored with each of these six: Peach Parfait, Luscious Lemon, Green Apple Cider, Orange Blossom, Homespun Honey, and Spicy Cinnamon.

Chocolate Spoons Book By Chocoholics Divine Desserts
This chocolate spoon collection by Chocoholics Divine Desserts offers twelve flavours of chocolate utilizing the world's finest European blends of chocolate in their pure, natural state. A unique hand-dipped process gives each spoon its own character.

For the Kids:

Gingerbread Man Kit
Holiday cookie making kits are great fun for kids and Mom & Dad.
The Gingerbread Man Kit includes: red apron with gingerbread design, white chef's hat, cookie cutter, wood spoon, and gingerbread mix. Our kit is packaged in a vinyl bag.

Pizza Party Kit
Perfect for a birthday or Friday night party!
Each Pizza Party Kit includes: 5 postcard invitations, recipes, 6 aluminum foil pizza pans, 6 paper hats, pizza sauce, yeast and pizza crust to make 6 pizzas.

Kid's Ice Cream Sundae Kit
Our Kid's Ice Cream Sundae Kit includes everything a child needs to throw a little ice cream social.
Kit includes: chocolate sauce, mini marshmallows, color sprinkles, ice cream ideas, ice cream hat, ice cream scoop, 4 ice cream cups and 4 ice cream spoons.

Holiday Specialty Items:

The Chestnutter Chestnut Cutter
Remember those fun holiday nights sitting in front of the fireplace while the chestnuts roasted on the fire? Would you like to bring that feeling to your family? Whether you're roasting chestnuts as a holiday treat or using them in your favorite recipe, you’ll score with ease with the Jasco Chestnutter®. The Chestnutter’s® patented design allows you to prepare chestnuts with minimal effort. The Jasco Chestnutter® replaces the traditional scoring tool, the paring knife.

Superstone Chestnut Roaster Set by Sassafras
The Superstone Chestnut Roaster is made of natural stoneware fired at temperatures of over 2000 degrees. Superstone baking pieces have the advantage of producing total, even heat distribution. This uniform heat will make perfectly roasted chestnuts and send holiday aromas wafting throughout your home.

Soft Torrone with Hazelnuts and Almonds by Antica Torroneria Piemontese
Torrone, a confection originating in ancient Rome, is said to have been used as an offering to the gods. In Cremona, the historic city in northern Italy's Lombardy Region, there is also a story of how torrone came to be. To celebrate the wedding of Bianca Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza, and hence the inception of a new dynasty, a great feast was given in honor of the happy couple. For dessert, a talented pastry chef created a reproduction of the 12th-century campanile of Cremona's cathedral, the Torrazzo, the highest in all of Italy. This dessert became known as Torrone.

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