Saturday, December 8, 2007

Stonewall Kitchen product of the month: December

Stonewall Kitchen, LLC

Each month Stonewall Kitchen's editors feature a select gourmet food product for you to enjoy! Sometimes they feature a new product, other times they choose an old favorite. Either way you save 10% on this selection all month long!

For the month of December you can save 10% on:

Holiday Jam, Holiday Tea
Holiday Jam: A hint of orange liqueur brings out the flavor of the ripe pears, tart cranberries and sweet raspberries in this very special jam. The beautiful color and incredible taste make this jam a wonderful addition to your holiday table.
Holiday Tea:

This fine black tea is infused with all natural pear and cranberry flavors to create a rich and slightly sweet brew perfect for the holiday season. This exclusive, signature blend is best served with Holiday Jam spooned on to toast or biscuits. 50, natural, unbleached tea bags.

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