Friday, February 22, 2008

Site of the day: CheeseSupply

I was looking for an online cheese retailer for some Irish cheese shopping for St. Patrick's day dinner when I found they have more than 700 cheeses categorized under Country of origin, type and consistency; each cheese is well presented with photo and background history that makes cheese choice easy.

I'm willing to buy these:

Vintage Irish Cheddar
Like the cheddar of the monks, our Vintage Irish Cheddar and Reduced Fat Vintage Irish Cheese are made with strict attention to detail. Both cheeses are carefully matured for at least 12 months. During this process they are continuously graded so that only the very best cheeses finally bear the "Vintage" label. The results of such attention to detail is a connoisseurs' cheddar, with a rich, rounded flavor and firm, smooth body.

Cashel Blue
The Cashel Blue really started it all for this beautiful farmhouse surrounded by fields of rich pasture. Made from Their own "closed" herd of Friesian cows since 1986, this blue reflects other blues of the world but retains its own unique character - a result of the personal attention paid to their animals and pursuit of the highest quality of cheese making. The texture of Cashel is thick and creamy with a healthy buttery color. The flavor when young is sweet and delicate with the slightest tang. It ages beautifully, becoming more pronounced, earthy, and very creamy while still balanced.

Cahill Porter
Produced by Dave and Marion Cahill in County Limerick, Ireland, the unique mosaic pattern of this cheese is created when Guinness Stout is blended with tangy Irish Cheddar. Each cheese, made from the milk of a Friesian herd, is individually made using no artificial ingredients It is sure to please any crowd with its unique look and flavor experience.

Browse the entire Irish cheeses list here:

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