Wednesday, October 8, 2008

CyberCucina SPECIAL!! Le Grand Miel (Thousand Flower Honey)

Bernard Michaud knows that each consumer enjoys honey in his or her own way. Well known for 100% pure honey products from France, Bernard Michaud's innovative range of rare honeys has won acclaim worldwide.

Le Grand Miel de Bernard Michaud unique thousand flower honey catches the eye and astonishes the palate. Its highly original packaging - a metal pail, elegantly decorated with delicate designs in harmonious colours - evokes the art de vivre of the early 1900s, making this honey ideal as a gift or for a special personal treat.

Once opened, Le Grand Miel holds more surprises in store: a luscious, luminous golden color and a superb flavor obtained by a unique, secret recipe. It has all the authenticity of honey straight from the hive and all the flavor intact of a perfectly ripened fruit picked straight from the tree. At once creamy and crunchy, it crackles in the mouth then melts under the tongue, releasing an unforgettable perfume.

Le Grand Miel (Thousand Flower Honey) de Bernard Michaud was the winner of the Packaging Oscar in 1999 and voted Flavor of the Year in 2000.

Each metal pail contains 25 ounces of Le Grand Miel (Thousand Flower Honey) de Bernard Michaud from France.


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