Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Butterwizard for $59.99

Butterwizard for $59.99

Keep your butter smooth and spreadable with the world's first temperature-controlled butter dish.

No more torn bread. This portable, temperature-controlled electric server ensures that butter is always soft and smooth. Created by industrial designer David Alfill in response to his own family's complaints that the butter was always too hard, this ingenious appliance's tight-fitting lid keeps butter fresh up to 10 days when charged, and the tray removes to return butter to the fridge when not in use. Black plastic base with stainless-steel lid.

Product Features
• Portable insulated main unit, removable butter tray, tight-fitting stainless-steel lid, recharging base with adaptor and high-capacity rechargeable nickel-hydride batteries
• Adjustable thermostat for fine-tuning preferred temperature
• Holds 2 sticks of butter
• Detachable cord for table use
• Audio recharge signal
• Perfect for RV's and boats
• Easy assembly
• 1-year warranty

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