Friday, August 15, 2008

Strong Horseradish & Cream Close-Dated SALE!

Strong Horseradish & Cream Close-Dated SALE at CyberCucina

The Tracklement Company derives its name from the word “Tracklement” which is believed to have originated in Lincolnshire and used to describe accompaniments to the main part of a meal. Their products have won many awards over the years and today their range includes mustards, relishes, chutneys, sauces, jellies, ketchups, pickles and vinaigrettes.

All of the Tracklement products have a common factor—they are hand made in small batches without artificial colorings or preservatives.

Strong Horseradish & Cream is a Great Taste Awards winner for good reason.

The strength of good English horseradish root may alarm the faint-hearted but we find it ideal with roast beef, hot or cold. You can temper it with creme fraiche or sour cream for a milder sauce to use with smoked trout, or fish pate. It is best kept out of direct sunlight, and should be refrigerated after opening to retain its power.

Each jar of Strong Horseradish & Cream is 7oz. (200g).

Special Close Dated Pricing (exp. 09/30/08)

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