Saturday, August 16, 2008

CyberCucina launches Gourmet Salsa Sampler

Gourmet Salsa Sampler: NEW ITEM!

Everyone loves salsa! It's a tasty and fun snack, but remains low in calories and high in health benefits. And we have a heat level to suit every taste.

Our Gourmet Salsa Sampler contains one each of hot, medium and mild of our Gourmet Herbal Salsa with blueberries, peaches, and honey. Our salsa is an all natural product with no preservatives and low sodium. It contains no water and no fillers of any kind. It is also low in sugar and contains no fats.

Of course, all of these facts would matter little if the Herbalist Salsa wasn't also one of the greatest tasting salsas available.

We offer a gift presentation, boxed and bowed and ready for any occasion.

Each Gourmet Salsa Sampler contains: One each of hot, medium, and mild 14oz. jars of Gourmet Herbal Salsa.

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