Monday, August 18, 2008

SaltWorks, Inc. Is Grilling with Food Network Magazine

Food Network's new magazine has hit the stands-and SaltWorks, Inc.
(, the country's leading gourmet sea salt company, is so confident Food Network Magazine's Summer Grilling Issue will be a hit with home cooks, it has placed a two-page, inside-cover spread to showcase Artisan Gourmet Salts and introduce Fusion flavored sea salts.

With flavors like Chile Verde, Lime Fresco, Black Truffle and Thai Ginger, SaltWorks' Artisan Salt Company Fusion flavored sea salts will enhance any grilling recipe. Through SaltWorks' proprietary process, Artisan Salt Company's Fusion Sea Salts feature the fresh flavors of natural foods and spices right inside the salt crystals. It's the next generation of gourmet seasoning--and the company is pleased to introduce it to Food Network Magazine's readership.

"SaltWorks gourmet salts are a perfect fit with Food Network's new magazine and its readers," stated Mark Zoske, president of SaltWorks. "The inaugural issue is all about summer grilling. It's the right venue for us to show off our brand-new Fusion line of flavored sea salts."

Available in large national retail stores and supermarkets, Food Network Magazine will serve as a source of inspiration for readers while providing practical strategies for entertaining, cooking, and enjoying food. The network's timing couldn't be better: With no relief at the gas pumps, more people than ever are choosing to stay home this summer and enjoy time with their friends and family. For many, backyard grilling is a summer staple. But thanks in part to the popularity of Food Network and its chefs, the neighborhood barbeque has evolved beyond the old charcoal grill.

That's where Food Network Magazine's Summer Grilling Issue lends a hand. Just like Food Network's line-up of shows, the magazine is packed with advice, recipes and tips from the network's celebrity chefs. The Summer Grilling Issue will also include recipes for delicious summertime dinners and drinks, will show home cooks how to whip up the perfect burger and will take readers to Florida's South Beach, where the network's brightest stars will showcase their grilling skills. And SaltWorks is excited to be part of it, says Zoske.

"We owe a lot of our success to Food Network. Their celebrity chefs use our salt on air all the time," Zoske stated. "From the very beginning, Food Network has enlightened home chefs on the importance of using natural gourmet salts. Grilling is no exception. In fact, our all-natural smoked sea salts are a great choice for summer grilling."

About SaltWorks, Inc.
SaltWorks is America's gourmet sea salt company, offering the world's finest brands of sea salt, including Artisan Salt Company, Fusion, Le Tresor and Pure Ocean. The company stocks over two million pounds of sea salt in 60 different varieties. SaltWorks prides itself on its approach to the sea salt business, focusing on traditional harvesting methods, sustainability, natural processes and quality.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Black Truffle - 5.5oz

Black Truffle Sea Salt: Truffles are a genuine treasure imported from Italy. Fusion Black Truffle Salt utilizes the unique power of sea salt to intensify the aroma and complex flavors of this exquisite mushroom. Truffle salt is ideal with egg dishes, pasta, mashed potatoes, red meat... even on buttered popcorn.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Matcha (Green Tea) - 3.5oz

Matcha (Green Tea) Sea Salt: Matcha is a premium green tea powder harvested in the famous tea fields of Japan. A lengthy harvesting technique produces the gorgeous color, a high level of amino acids, and a sweet flavor. The tea leaves are stone ground to the fine powder which we use to create Fusion Matcha Salt. Matcha is renowned for its health benefits but is now making a splash in gourmet cooking world wide. Traditional uses include finishing for Asian foods such as tempura, edamame and tofu dishes. Matcha salt is perfect for lighter dishes that will allow the delicate aroma to come through. Try on scrambled eggs, steamed fish, chocolate and desserts.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Aged Balsamic - 3.5oz

Aged Balsamic Sea Salt: Revered by chefs and foodies everywhere, fusing together the rich, concentrated flavor of aged Modena balsamic vinegar with our hand harvested sea salt was a no-brainer. The result is a mouthwatering balance of sweet, sharp, spicy, and salty. Try it on a salad with fennel, herbs and tomato, any dish with ricotta cheese, or on sliced pears for a super easy delectable snack.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Lime Fresco - 3.5oz

Lime Fresco Sea Salt: The natural flavor of lime is an international favorite. Thai food, margaritas, desserts... the uses are plentiful. Lime Fresco Salt is tart without being too sour. It is refreshing and versatile. Use to rim a drink glass, sprinkle on chicken or fish before grilling or add to a crisp salad for a surprising hint of citrus.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Thai Ginger - 3.5oz

Thai Ginger Sea Salt: Combine the clean simple flavor of sea salt with fresh, juicy ginger. The ginger flavor of this Fusion variety cannot be matched by powdered or synthetic flavorings. Use on grilled veggies, Asian noodles or fish. Great for chocolatiers and pastry chefs alike.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Sun Ripened Tomato - 3.5oz

Fusion Sun Ripened Tomato Sea Salt: Take your favorite crusty sourdough bread, spread with butter and top with a pinch of Tomato Fusion Salt. What could be better or easier? The rich tomato flavor is created by a special process that actually incorporates the whole tomato. This is literally tomatoes mixed with sea salt. Great for soups and sauces, topping appetizers or mixed with herbs to create an amazing spice rub.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Soy Sauce Salt - 3.5oz

Soy Sauce Salt: Soy sauce is the best known Asian condiment, and among the most popular in the USA too. Our Fusion Soy Salt uses highly concentrated Japanese soy sauce to create a dry version of an international favorite. Great to mix with sesame seeds and sprinkle on rice dishes, or for an Ahi tuna rub. And you can't go wrong with stir fry, tofu, chicken, beef, or fish.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Spicy Curry - 3.5oz

Spicy Curry Sea Salt: Curry powder is a mix of spices. We searched for the best blend of these spices to combine with sea salt to create this unique Fusion Salt. Japanese spicy curry has a deeper more complex essence than some of its counterparts. The fragrance is heavenly and the flavor superb. Try with scrambled eggs, chicken, pasta, tofu... the possibilities abound.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Wild Porcini - 3.5oz

Wild Porcini Sea Salt: A delicious aroma of mushrooms greets you when you open a container of Wild Porcini Salt. Dried porcini mixed with sea salt has a concentrated flavor and mushroom aroma that is excellent in risotto, soups, sauces and salmon.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Chili Verde - 5.5oz

Chili Verde Sea Salt: Bite into a grain of this salt and you're in for a treat! The flavor explodes, just like you have bitten into a fresh green chili. This salt is more than simply spicy - it has a three dimensional flavor that is an unexpected surprise. This is great for Mexican dishes and seafood. How about trying a pinch of Chili Verde sea salt on a bowl of chocolate ice cream?

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Espresso Brava - 4oz

Espresso Brava Sea Salt: In Italian tradition, espresso is best enjoyed in one hot gulp. Around here, we adore the fusion of espresso with sea salt. It's not only a delicious addition to chocolates and desserts, it is also a rising star in rubs and marinades for steak, pork, or whatever you can think of! A delicious match with a cognac reduction, or anything with nutmeg, anise, vanilla, cherry, hazelnut, raspberry... The only limit for this Fusion Sea Salt is your imagination.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Szechuan Pepper - 3.5oz

Szechuan pepper Sea Salt: Szechuan (or Szechwan) pepper is actually not even a peppercorn. It is a berry from an Asian bush. Eaten alone, the Szechuan pods create a numbing sensation inside your mouth. Szechuan pepper is not as spicy hot as you may expect, it has more of a citrus, woodsy aroma. This is the smell that greets you when you open this jar of salt. Szechwan is synonymous with Chinese cooking. Mixed with salt, an entirely new seasoning is created. From the most extravagant gourmet dinners to sprinkling on top of a plate of French fries, Szechuan Pepper Salt is the missing link that your taste buds have been longing for.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Lemon Twist - 3.5oz

Lemon Twist Sea Salt: Lemon & salt go together like peanut butter & chocolate. They make a perfect flavor pair. Imagine fresh lemon, not just the oil, intermingled with a premium sea salt creating the ideal flavor combination. This is an essential salt for seafood lovers, bartenders and pastry chefs. Both kids and adults can appreciate the addition of Lemon Twist salt to their meal.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Vintage Merlot - 4oz

Vintage Merlot Sea Salt: This is where the Fusion Sea Salt dream began! The delicious final product is a wonderful addition to gravy and sauces, and its rich, deep color makes it a visually stunning finishing salt. It also serves as further proof that many great ideas form over a glass of wine.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Smoked Serrano - 3.5oz

Smoked Serrano Sea Salt: When we think of Serrano chilies most of us picture the bright green and orange peppers available fresh at your local gourmet market. The Serrano we use is different; it is left on the vine to mature until it turns scarlet red. It is then picked and slowly smoked until the flavors blossom. Smoked Serrano chilies have a spicy, lingering flavor with subtle notes of berry. Mixed with sea salt it can be used to make authentic spicy sauces. Smoked Serrano Salt pairs well with sweet fruits such as mango or pineapple for a non-traditional salsa.

Fusion Artisan Gourmet Naturally Flavored Sea Salt - Habanero Pepper Salt - 3.5oz

Habanero Sea Salt: Yeehaw! This Fusion will put a spring in your step. We use ground down high-quality, high-heat habaneros to create an intense sea salt with a kick. This is the perfect salt for anyone who likes to add a little extra punch to anything on the grill. A great match with recipes that call for lime and butter. Use sparingly!

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