Sunday, August 31, 2008

Save 40% on Bestselling Cookbooks!

Yum-o! The Family Cookbook by Rachael Ray - only $13.50 at!

No one has helped more families find time to fit home-cooked meals into their daily routines than Rachael Ray. Now with the help of Yum-o!, the organization she founded to help kids and adults develop a healthier relationship to food and cooking, she has put together the ultimate family cookbook, which includes recipes that both kids and their parents will love cooking–and eating–together!

Italian Grill cookbook by Mario Batali - save 40% off retail value at! (now just $17.97)

Easy to use and filled with simple recipes, Mario Batali's new grilling handbook takes the mystery out of making tasty, simple, smoky Italian food. In addition to the eighty recipes and the sixty full-color photographs, Italian Grill includes helpful information on different heat-source options, grilling techniques, and essential equipment. As in Molto Italiano, Batali's distinctive voice provides a historical and cultural perspective as well.

Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food - save 40% at! (now only $21.00)

Throw out the frozen dinners and takeout menus. Who better to show readers how to cook real food, real fast and make it really tasty than Gordon Ramsey, three-star chef and TV celebrity? Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food includes over 100 delicious recipes that are super-fast and easy to prepare.

O, The Oprah Magazine Cookbook - save 40% at! (now only $17.97)

Who wouldn’t love to put fantastic foods on the table—extraordinary pleasures for everyday eating; simply delicious treats that can be prepared in record time; comfort food that brings family and friends together; luxurious meals that cost barely more than fast food; divine dishes perfect for guests or just for quiet nights at home? Now you can have all that and more, any time you choose, with this first-ever collection of 175 beloved recipes from O, The Oprah Magazine.

Panini Express - 70 delicious recipes, hot off the press - now only $11.37 at!

Panini are little sandwiches that are put through a press that warms up the filling and gives the bread a delicious grilled flavor. Ten years ago, you would have had to get on a plane and gone to Italy to enjoy one, but today you can find panini everywhere--in Italian restaurants, restaurant chains like Panera, even higher-end supermarkets are selling panini in their take-out foods sections.

The Best Chicken Recipes by Editors of Cook's Illustrated - save 40% at! (now just $21.00)

Chicken is the go-to main course for most Americans, but the same old recipes featuring bland, dry chicken are all too often the norm - resulting in a collective sigh around the dinner table. The Best Chicken Recipes offers 300 foolproof ideas for cooking chicken right - and making dinner interesting again.

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