Sunday, August 17, 2008

CyberCucina launches new Tuna Taster

Tuna Taster: NEW ITEM!

Tuna is an excellent source of high quality protein, and is rich in a variety of important nutrients including minerals such as selenium, magnesium, and potassium; the B vitamins niacin, B1 and B6; and perhaps most importantly, the beneficial omega -3 essential fatty acids. In addition, our tuna is preserved in Olive Oil, another excellent dietary choice.

Yes, you say, but what kind of a gift is tuna? It's the kind of gift that will win you friends and bring you grateful thanks from any recipient. This is not even a distant cousin of the familiar canned tuna that we have all tried. These are thick juicy fillets that melt in your mouth, each jar with its own unique flavor. And the Ventresca is the crème de la crème of Tonnino Gourmet Tuna, smooth and rich, drenched in pure olive oil.

Each Tuna Taster contains one 6.7oz. jar of each of the following: Plain Tuna Fillets, Tuna Fillets with Garlic, Tuna Fillets with Oregano, Tuna Fillets with Jalapeno and one jar of Ventresca Tuna. We have also added a jar of Garlic Mayo from France's Life in Provence. We present them all in a gift box with wraphia ribbon.

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