Monday, August 25, 2008

Honey Bourbon Seasoned Skewers SALE!

Honey Bourbon Seasoned Skewers $1.99 SPECIAL SALE

Seasoned skewers are a new way to add some oomph to your everyday cooking by adding flavor from within.

Use seasoned skewers to infuse meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables with gourmet and exotic tastes. Seasoned skewers are simple to use, and they work in just 15 minutes.

Flavor your food from the inside out with Honey Bourbon Seasoned Skewers. Honey Bourbon is the perfect marriage of two classic barbecue flavors. Skewer pieces of pork, apples, and red onion and grill for out of this world flavor. Try Honey Bourbon Seasoned Skewers with boneless salmon, grill and serve with cole slaw and roasted new potatoes for a spectacular treat.

Seasoned Skewers are 100% natural, are fat free, and contain no sodium.

Each package contains 10 Honey Bourbon Seasoned Skewers by Callisons. Contains natural flavors and coconut oil.

While quantities last.
Ends on 8/29

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